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Updated: 5/5/2020
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  • By,Hamza Abbasi
  • The Wizard And His Apprentice
  • One day, an old wizard was teaching his apprentice how to correctly heat up certain herbal juices to make potions
  • No! No! Lad, if you heat the cauldron too much the juices will boil, and all will be lost, you must turn down the fire
  • But sir, what do you mean boil? How does it boil?
  • Ah, you see, boiling is a kind of vaporization. Boiling is similar to evaporation. The particles in the liquid become agitated and start to move around faster and faster as they get heated.In addition they slowly become less confined by other particles until the bubbles rise to the top of the liquid and become a gas.
  • I see, what is the difference between evaporation and boiling?
  • Evaporation happens only on the surface of a liquid, where as boiling happens on the surface and below the surface. In evaporation energy from the surrounding air, or ground allows the water molecules to escape to the air, or evaporate into gas,
  • And what of condensation, I heard mention of it from a book, is that a form of vaporization?
  • No, condensation is the polar opposite of vaporization, in condensation particles in a gas lose enough energy to form a liquid. In vaporization the thermal energy is increasing and in condensation it is decreasing.
  • I think I understand, master, may I stop stirring?
  • Oh what and have your poor old master do it? No more questions.
  • yes master, sorry master,
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