john's motors
Updated: 1/28/2020
john's motors
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praise lord john

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  • *chugging of drink* *scream* *scrrrrrrr*
  • The local alcoholic, Jim,is blocking the road that Craig needs to drive on! Craig swerves out of the way to avoid him.
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  • *crash*
  • Don't worry! I'll call John!
  • Someone help! I've crashed!
  • Craig crashes into a tree, but luckily, Jim is sober enough to call John to come and help.
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  • John's MotorsTows and Repairs VehiclesFast and Reliable
  • 3
  • *vrrrrmm*
  • John arrives to save Craig and repair his car!
  • I'm Saved!
  • 4
  • John fixes Craig's car whilst microwaving his meatballl sub he purchased earlier
  • *cranking of wrench* *mmmmmmmmmmm**chugging of drink*
  • It's fixed!
  • *distant crying**vroom of fixed car**cheering of crowd*
  • Craig thanks John and drives out onto the street with his fixed car
  • 5
  • *vroom of car* *happy tune**distant crying remains*
  • The logo shows as a tune plays and Craig drives down the street
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