Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • Rocket math and spelling tests are a piece of cake! I can't wait until its time for recess. I will be the box ball champion!
  • School was the best in my earlier years. Life was simple. No one had a worry in the world...
  • ...Until rules began to apply to us...
  • PEMDAS3(5)+7-2
  • Joe and Jake, stop talking and pay attention, or else you both will be receiving a red card, and I will be calling home!
  • Stress, bullying, and insecurity began to kick in...
  • I can't believe I forgot my homework, my parents are going to kill me! Why am I wearing this outfit, I'm going to get laughed at. Also, why won't this stupid kid just leave me alone?
  • Look at this twerp! You sure your not in 2nd grade, cause your so small I can't even see you!
  • Yo, Aiden, do you know how to dissect this thing? Also, this other worksheet says something about measuring in mols? What the heck is that?
  • Tests, quizzes, labs, more assessments...
  • I don't even know, dude. And Amy said we have a test on this stuff tomorrow! I'm literally gonna fail! This is almost as confusing as that sin and cosine nonsense we learned in math.
  • Friday, yesss! Just have to get through the couple of tests I have today, and then its time for the weekend. You are going to that party tonight, right?
  • ...High school brought many fun experiences. But consequently, despite the good times, what came with it was...
  • Yeah, I'll see you there!
  • ...Harder work, greater responsibility, and so many things to worry about...
  • I can't take this anymore! My grades are falling and I still have to prepare for the SAT! This college application process is a hassle, and I feel like I am all over the place. What if I don't get into a good college. What if I'm a failure? I wish I was a little kid again.
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