Samurai History Shoptime
Updated: 4/8/2021
Samurai History Shoptime

Storyboard Text

  • We are the Samurai's and we are preparing for war because we are the warriors of Japan. 
  • We have to defeat every other country and come out with the victory! 
  • We are getting ready for war. Although we have nice educational skills, we also are prepared for war.
  • During  Tokugawa period, it was a peaceful time so we mostly used our academic skills and not our battle field skills.
  • Our goal is to beat all the countries at war and to be able to rule over a peaceful Japan for two and half centuries
  • Several groups of rebellious samurai, who wanted Japan to stay the same, supported the emperor and began a civil war against the bakufu.
  •  Surprisingly, they overthrew the shogun, ending the Tokugawa period and restoring the emperor to power. Lower class samurai took positions of leadership, controlling the government from behind the new emperor, a young boy who was called Emperor Meiji.
  • Finally, in 1876, the emperor banned samurai from wearing their swords, leading to the creation of a drafted standing army. The final bell had tolled for the samurai -- they no longer existed.The samurai no longer had a role in Japan.