Updated: 1/8/2021

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  • Aphrodite
  • The Myth of Aphrodite and Adonis
  • In this myth Aphrodite is runs into an issue. The goddess becomes jealous because of Myrrha’s beaut(Adonis' mother) . Due to Aphrodite's jealous she reunites with her father. The father of Adonis' is Cinyrus but also the father of Myrrha. This is all discovered and after Cinyrus grows mad and means to kill Myrrha Aphrodite turns Myrrah into a tree and takes her newborn baby (Adonis). In an attempt to hide Adonis Persephone discovers the beauty of the baby and refuses to give Adonis back. Aphrodite goes to the under world and there is a dispute between her(goddess of love) and the goddess of death. Zeus settles it and decides that Aphrodite gets Adonis for one part fo the year and Persephone for another part of the year. This is reappearance and disappearance like spring and winter.
  • Athena
  • Artemis
  • In this myth, Athena is up against 11 other Olympians. She is given task. Athena must g=bring the best gift and present it in front of the Athenians. Whoever brings the gift gets the award of being "the most prosperous ancient Greek city.” Athena brings an Olive tree and the Athenians pick her gift as the best gift. An olive tree brings, food, oil, and wood. Her gift was the most resourceful. Poseidon grew mad and flooded the plains as a 'punishment' to the Athens.
  • Ares