9 wks Exam Pt. 1
Updated: 3/12/2020
9 wks Exam Pt. 1

Storyboard Text

  • I'm Joemar
  • I'm Matt
  • I'm Anton
  • I'm Devlin
  • I'm Joey
  • What is the goal of this Podcast?
  • Our goal for this Podcast is to drop quality videos that not only educate but entertain the students about students, teams, organizations, and staff here at Lyman.
  • How will we edit these podcast videos?
  • I have an app called iMovie on my phone which we could use for production purposes.
  • Sounds Sick Bro!
  • How are we going to film these videos Devlin?
  • I can tape my phone up against the wall and we can gather around the table in Furg's back room
  • looks like we have all the basic needs, now time to plan for the 1st episode!
  • Rest of Group: Let's Go!
  • We need to make a plan for the episode, lets create discussion topics that we can base our conversation off of
  • Sounds good, I'll put it in a google doc for the whole group to view it.