my vendetta
Updated: 12/9/2020
my vendetta

Storyboard Text

  • Run!
  • No! That's the last thing we want.
  • I'm scared, they're looking for the people who robbed the bank, we should tell someone.
  • I declare you both guilty but for James Evans' honesty I pardon him but not Aoron Adams.
  • Two men rob a bank because they need money as they are both poor.
  • Hello old friend, you're coming with me... TO DIE!
  • One of them gets scared and wants to tell the police.
  • Time to die!
  • In the end he gets very insecure and tells the police, they are both taken to court. The one who told the police is pardoned.
  • Are you sure about that?! It's time I stood up for myself!
  • Thirteen years later he escapes from prison and comes for revenge on James Evans.
  • Aoron Adams bring James Evans to the top of a building, about to push him off.
  • Aoron ducks, grabs James' hand and throws him off.