Iron resource development storyboard
Updated: 7/22/2020
Iron resource development storyboard
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  • I am not moody! And I don't feel like eating :'(
  • Why do I feel so tired? And dizzy? I could't concentrate all day either!! >:(
  • *Sets bag down after arriving home from school*
  • Why are you in such an mood?! Maybe you're just hungry!
  • You know you wouldn't be so tired if you just ate more iron? Do you know how much work I'm doing to keep you going? I am making so much blood! DOUBLE! just to get enough nutrients to your body coz you are growing! On top of that you are playing sport, and every month she over there comes and takes some!!! and don't get me started about your diet! And what do I get for all this work? Not enough iron! which is what I need to get oxygen to you!
  • *Flo and RBC appear from no where. Flo looks suspicious*
  • ???
  • I'm not gonna lie, I take like 2.5 mg of iron from you like every is what it is
  • what happens when you don’t get enough iron?
  • Girrrrrl! Why you lying? Do you know what we had for breakfast? hmm? do you?
  • What Iron is and how Iron works in the body
  • - NO YOU DON'T! You know why? coz you didn't eat breakfast! And for lunch we had white bread, no meat, no veggies, no fruit...
  • I had-
  • *laughs* EXPOSED
  • *Diet appears*
  • How about this! Why don't you swap your white bread for brown bread, your lettuce for spinach, carrot, add some hummus, some red meat - you can choose which type and have it with some orange juice. That'll give you plenty of iron!
  • Now that sounds good!
  • Can I add cheese?
  • No! If you have cheese at the same time, I won't get any of the maybe... have it as a snack?
  • I'll have a sandwich too thanks!
  • Argh! someone get rid of Flo please!
  • Exam
  • O2
  • F
  • Fe
  • Fe
  • I'm feeling tired all the time
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