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History project
Updated: 9/17/2018
History project
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  • Quartering Act 1765
  • I can't take this anymore!
  • Curse those English. We are losing money to care for this bloody redcoat!
  • Boston Massacure 1770
  • You Killed Them!
  • Stand Down Now!
  • Boston Tea Party
  • No taxation without representation.
  • This was important because when the sugar act was passed, the colonists may have been angry, but that was just one tax. Not until this act was passed in which they were actually starting to protest. The protesting led to many riots and threats to the English.
  • First Continental Congress, 1774
  • We will not stand for these taxes! Lets form militias!
  • This was important because this was the first instance where the redcoats started to get aggressive This made the colonists protest even more.
  • Lexington (and Concord), April 1775
  • Redcoats are coming!
  • This is important because this was the first act in which the colonists disrespected the English, which made a rivalry.
  • Second Continental Congress, May 1775
  • Before rushing into war, we must make sure they know that we want peace
  • Who cares if they sent a letter, send more troops!
  • Later
  • This is important because this was the first written form of complaints and first complaint directed at George III. This shows the people coming together looking like they are a NATION!
  • This is important because this time, the colonists use action and this was the first "massacre" against the redcoats, which makes King George III mad.
  • This was important because this was plea to the English, and when King George doesn't even read it, this pushes more people to join the colonists and push their opinion to become independent. Also since they come together a second time, Independence is not a bad idea.
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