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The Beginning of Everything
Updated: 10/14/2020
The Beginning of Everything
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  • Humans originally evolved from primates, but very slowly over millions of years. People typically think of humans as the "Homo Sapiens" that dominate the Earth today. There were actually many different types of human species as close as 40,000 years ago until us homo sapiens moved into their territory.
  • Early map of Hominid Species 125,000 years ago
  • Homo Sapiens moved into Neanderthal territory around 40,000 years ago and then the neanderthals mysteriously disappeared.
  • Homo Sapiens Likely Range
  • Neanderthals Likely Range
  • 100,000 YA
  • 40,000 YA
  • Key:YA: Years AgoArrows point where humans go.
  • 70,000 YA
  • 25,000 YA
  • Map of where Homo Sapiens have explored in Asia over the last of 100,000 years and when.
  • 15,000 YA
  • By: Joey MacDonald
  • 15,000 years ago humans crossed the Bering Strait which connected Russia and North America. The Bering Strait eventually melted and humans were left stranded in the Americas for nearly 16,500 years.
  • 15,000 YA
  • 12,000 YA
  • 4,500YA
  • 12,000 YA
  • Map of where homo sapiens have explored the Americas over the last 15,000 years.
  • Key:YA: Years AgoArrows point where humans go.
  • 1500 YA
  • As you can see on the map Homo Sapiens have started moving South as early and perhaps before 70,000 years ago even though some islands have only been reached 1,500 years ago. These are the origins of mankind and why they took over the planet. They explored.
  • 70,000 YA
  • 50,000 YA
  • Key:YA: Years AgoArrows point where humans go.
  • 1,500 YA
  • 30,000 YA
  • We all may be different, but we all originate from Africa
  • No matter how diverse we are in our modern world with all of our invisible (and visible) barriers, we all originated from the same place! We are all one species!
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