Storyboard joey plyler
Updated: 3/13/2020
Storyboard joey plyler

Storyboard Text

  • Essential question: Tyrone is struggling with the fact that he was the driver in the accident and he was drunk. He continuously blames himself for robs death
  • Weakness:Tyrone is extremely hard on himself and blames himself for robs death
  • It was my fault that Rob died
  • Tyrone is a star basketball player, who was the driver in a bad accident..that took ones life
  • Strength: Tyrone is extremely good at basketball, he is even good enough to get a full scholarship
  • Defining moment:The moment when the car crashes and explodes with Rob still in it, leading to his death
  • Defining moment: Gerald decides to not go out driving with his friends because he needs to get home, this could have saved his life
  • Essential question: Gerald is struggling to cope with the loss of his friend, which could have been him if he went out driving with them
  • I need to get home, you know how my dad is...
  • Strength: Gerald is very responsible and a straight A student
  • Weakness: Gerald is a victim of child abuse but does not speak out about it
  • Gerald is a friend to Tyrone who was not in the car when the accident happened
  • Essential question: Gerald struggles with confidence issues because he is not popular and he is short and un-athletic
  • I'm short and never once made the basketball team
  • Defining moment: The car crash, after that he really started to pray more and be more active in his church
  • Weakness: Gerald is very self conscious of his athletic ability and his height
  • Strength: Gerald always trusts in his beliefs and after the accident he prays for good things to happen and keeps a relativley positive attitude
  • B.J is a friend of Tyrone and the only one in the group who is un-athletic and didn't make the basketball team