Updated: 12/16/2020

Storyboard Text

  • A worm works the same way as a screw.
  • When you spin a screw it goes in because of the shape the same thing with worm and wheel.
  • A worm and wheel can not be turned the opposite way
  • because when you turn the worm it turns like a screw and that turns the gear
  • if you were to put two worm gears together they would not be able to rotate
  • in a car the worm gear is a basic component the worm connects to the steering wheel with a Steering Column
  • A worm gear is a good example of a screw
  • in working machines the worm and wheel are usually made of aluminum bronze
  • when you turn the worm it turns the wheel 1/5 of the speed you turn the worm
  • A worm and wheel is not really used for speed its used for torque
  • A reason you should use a worm and wheel is You can use it as a
  • speed reducers which you can slow down with.
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