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Forces science
Updated: 2/2/2020
Forces science
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  • I'm OPEN!
  • How Did we leave him wide open?
  • Not my fault, it was all gravities doing.
  • Great, now the other team is gonna PULL away!!
  • YES we won!!
  • Uh Oh! My hands are to big to reach those coins.
  • Time to get my N52 magnet super strong!!
  • As the two are playing football, Nelson lobs a pass to Jared who is wide open in the end zone. However, Nelson must put power on his throw, otherwise the ball will hit the ground right away
  • Great, now my magnets attracted to the trash can!!
  • Nelson did not put enough power on his throw, so the force of gravity pulled the ball to center of earth, causing the two to lose the football game.
  • After the football game, Nelson went out to get some water. After he drinks all the water, Nelson accidently throws out all his coins in the trash can with the water-bottle.
  • Nelson's N52 magnet super strong is attracted to the trash can, since it is magnetic, and the magnet ends up pulling Nelson to the trash can with the magnet.
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