Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • My first trip
  • I didn´t know the sea neither I had flown by airplane
  • For my last school year, we had a trip to san Andres island.
  • November
  • That day we arrived sooner than expected and we had to wait.
  • we traveled in november and stayed for seven days.
  • a bus took us to the hotel and as soon as it was possible.
  • On the second day, my friend wanted to go to the sea but we couldn't because it´s was raining cats and dogs.
  • Are you pulling my leg? It´s rainnig
  • Bring a bigger towel?
  • We decided to go to the best disco at night.
  • On the fifth day, we were so exhausted so we didn't go with them others to the beach
  • For the last day, we last went to the beach.
  • This trip was more Important and emotional than my birthday.
  • It was a great trip, we had a really good time better than I thought, we were so happy that we didn´t even want to go back home.