French and Indian War
Updated: 1/31/2020
French and Indian War
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  • French and Indian War
  • Pew Pew
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • What injustice!
  • We we're here before you!
  • Sugar Act
  • This is outrageous! How are we going to afford anything?!
  • Don't listen Benny.
  • The French and Indian War started 1754 and finished in 1763. The French and English people fought over The Ohio River Valley. Most Native American tribes sided with The french, and that's the reason it's called the french and Indian war. The English Won.
  • Stamp Act
  • The English won the war but it was very costly so the King of England taxed the colonist. King George lll created borders to keep out native Americans and the French.
  • Quartering Act
  • The taxes weren't enough to pay for the cost of the war, so King George lll taxed everybody on molasses and sugar. If they didn't pay the tax they would get belongings taken away. A bunch of colonist hid things and brought them so they didn't have to pay.
  • Forming of Sons Of Liberty
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