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Updated: 9/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello bro, how you doing
  • I heard that your family recently have tested positive on covid
  • Yeah that's true we've just recovered recently
  • Oh hey bro, I am doing just fine
  • Well that's good
  • Last time we met, I remembered you didn't trust that covid 19 is true
  • I didn't think that wearing mask is helpful
  • Yeah, but now I know that covid is true and deadly
  • Yeah I told you!
  • Oh yeah I need to do something.Bye!
  • The government is not just playing around
  • If I did trust the last time we talked and follow the protocols and not go to crowded places, I wouldn't be affected by it
  • Goodbye too! Keep safe.
  • I really didn't think that the protocols and vaccine would be helpful