The Lay of the Werewolf
Updated: 12/20/2019
The Lay of the Werewolf
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  • Discovery pt. 1
  • Betrayal
  • Discovery pt. 2
  • Bisclavret finally tells his wife he turns into a werewolf whenever he is gone for the 3 days, and he is forced to tell her of the place he hides his clothes, which is how he changes back to human form.
  • Payback
  • His wife betrays him, and she orders someone to take his clothes so that he stays in wolf form. In return, he is to marry her. Bisclavret is heartbroken.
  • Confession
  • After a long time, Bisclavret gets discovered by the king in the forest where he resided, and means no harm. The king decides to take him back to the kingdom.
  • Return
  • One day, while the king was having a feast, the new husband of Bisclavret's wife was attached by him, and many questions were to be asked. Not long after, the king and Bisclavret went out on the countryside, and his wife heard about it, so she decided to go as well. Upon no surprise, Bisclavret got angry beyond compare, and tore off her nose. This led to many people believing they had somehow done Bisclavret wrong sometime.
  • While getting tortured, the wife is ordered to explain what is going on and confesses everything, even where the clothes Bisclavret needs to return to normal are, and she is ordered to give them back.
  • Bisclavret gets turned back to normal, his ex-wife gets banished and cursed, and the king and him exchange much happiness and joy with each other *wink wink*
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