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Red Bow major events, evidence, and citing.
Updated: 9/21/2020
Red Bow major events, evidence, and citing.
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i have no idea what the characters look like nor will my brain come up with anything, i hope this is what i'm meant to do.

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  • The Red Bowby George Saunders"Storyboard"byJohn Noyolai have no idea what the characters look like?
  • Rabid dogs had killed a little girl. They later found and killed the rabid dogs.
  • A red bow that belonged to the little girl was found at a holed up cave made of tree debris, created by the dogs.
  • The home of tree debris was made where plenty of little kids often go.
  • There was three dogs killed in that event, but there were four dogs in all.
  • The fourth one was found by itself not really doing much and was easy to take care of.
  • However, before getting to where it was, it had bitten two other dogs (i'm assuming), which then had to be put down because that was just about guaranteed infection.
  • Dogs that have been in contact or even just close proximity with contaminated dogs that have rabies (or whatever is making them rabid) must be put down.
  • A dog owned by someone else that had played with one of the dogs that were contaminated was acting unusual and ended up being infected as well.
  • They had to lead the dog away and kill it because if it contaminated more dogs, the problem would get worse.
  • Any animals that were killed must have their bodies burned and disposed of in a safe place animals will not visit.
  • If a corpse of any contaminated animal is left intact, another animal might get too close and get infected by the dead animal.
  • Therefore, all animal corpses killed because of contamination should be burned to prevent second-hand infection.
  • They go out searching for the rest of the chains of infected dogs to prevent further contamination. By asking owners of the previously killed dog, they find another suspect dog that may be contaminated.
  • The dog ends up looking perfectly healthy and normal, and responds to commands just fine, there is nothing unusual or abnormal about the dog.
  • They end up still having suspicion, since if one contaminated dog was contaminated by being close to another dog, any dogs here could be infected but still be at an early stage, having no problems be visible but be lurking inside.
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