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Couldn't Have Done Without You
Updated: 2/20/2019
Couldn't Have Done Without You
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  • My name is Jahir, I am 20 years old, and all i dreamed about as a little kid is to invent something that help move from one place to another,and that why I came here to the technology & Engineering college.
  • "Hi, My name Jahir i'm your new room mate, May i ask what are your intentions here ? " "I came here to learn and focus on coming up with an invention that involves helping us individuals to get from one place to the another."
  • " Hi nice to meet you, My name is Joseph and I came here for the same reason, to invent something for us people to help us get around these streets and the world."
  • Joseph and I teamed up and worked hard and focus in school, I Had focus more on the tech and engineer stuff while Joseph focus on drawing the design, he had chosen the color red for the car and i agreed. By the end of the year to next year, Joseph and I had everything all figured out with are design and we worked hard none stop for weeks with putting are design together, it was very difficult but we finish are design and we are proud with are invention.
  • Joesph and I had put are invention in my parents gauge while we wait intill a few weeks when we have to present our invention to the inventors from all around the world, my parents were so proud of me and Joseph and I and what we accomplish, i was pretty proud of my self too.
  • It was the day we finally get to present our invention to the world , so we were on are way and we thought to ourselves we can take our time because we have now our new invention, we have a "Car!" we were exicted when we got there eveyone was starting at us with joy they where all asking questions about are invention. Everyone started surrounding us with cheer all the reporters and people. Then this man comes out and says.. "Did you invent this ?" we repiled with "Yes with are own hard working hands".
  • Everyone was happy and cheering and relieved that someone finally invented something for transportation, i never knew i would be apart of it but i wouldn't have done it without Josephs. A year has pasted and everyone now has a "Car" and my town finally looks happy and not exhausted. I'm thankful for all the technology that was created before because i wouldn't have done this without Joseph and technology and engineering that was invented before this.
  • Wow look at that!!
  • This invention is what we call a "Car" it helps you get from one place to another, so now more exhaustion, welcome the future with simple and easy transportation.
  • "Well i will be the one judging your invention now present it to me." 
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