Story summarize

Updated: 3/7/2021
Story summarize

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  • The odyssey
  • Yearning for Home
  • The sea god’s one-eyed son
  • Written by Geraldine McCaughrean
  • The brass island and the bag of wind
  • Odyssey’s friend eat some fruit that make them have the hallucination.
  • The pig- woman
  • The odyssey fight with Polyphemus and make Polyphemus’s eye blind.
  • Alive among the dead
  • The King of Aeolia give a bag of winds to Odyssey, but Eurylochus open the Bay make them back to the Laestrygonia’s place.
  • Circe tell Odyssey if he stay with her for one year she can tell him the way he can go home.
  • Odyssey find his mom in under world and know the way he can back to the home.