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Science Storyboard
Updated: 2/26/2019
Science Storyboard
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  • Oh no! Someone needs help! Super Grav is coming! 
  • I'll have to use the force of gravity! It's the strongest force in the universe! It's the very glue of the universe!
  • Ahhhhhh! Super Grav help me!! Use the gravity to slowly pull me down to the ground so I don't hit the ground too hard!
  • Gravity will make sure that he stays on the surface and doesn't go flying away!
  • No! Gravity can make sure that your force of elasticity doesn't fling him into space!
  • Noooooo!
  • Well my force of elasticity will use potential energy to gather up more and more energy until it escapes the gravity's pull!
  • Hahahaha! No, no, Super Grav! I will use the force of elasticity and potential energy to fling him higher!
  • Well, Dr. Elastic. I'm Mr. Magnetism, and I'll use the minerals of the earth to grab his feet and pull him down!
  • Oh no! Dr. Magnetism! Magnetism is so strong it can be used, from even miles away, which will make it harder for me to fling him higher! Noooooo!
  • Yes! Magnetism can even repell anything, as long as it contains something magnetic!
  • I'm Dr.Friction! My friction can make any object or thing face so much friction that nothing will be able to move! Hahaha!
  • No! He's the only one that can stop Super Grav, and Mr. Magnestism because he can make them stop moving! Nooo!
  • No not Dr.Friction! He can make anything that's moving along ANY surface stop to the point where they get frozen!
  • Hahaha! Now that we have elasticity we will throw all of you into space! And with friction we can make sure that thre's nothing you could do to help. 
  • No! Gravity is and Magnetism are what keep Earth from going into the Sun! We are the very glue that keeps the Earth living!
  • And the magnetism is making us stop moving, not even our arms can move! Man Dr. Elastic I told you we shouldn't of put metal in our suits!
  • Nooooo! The gravity is keeping on the Earth! it's stopping him from flying into space! My potential energy isn't working!
  • Yesssss!
  • Gravity and magnetism can never be beaten!
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