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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Act 1 sence 5
  • OMG! so cool!! There was a girl dancing on the fire, I think I love her !!!
  • WOW that's cool! But I don't want to suicide with her.
  • Romeo and Rosaline
  • Hi Rosaline, I love you ! Can you dance with me?
  • I don't want. Go away.
  • Romeo froget Rosaline
  • Hi! My name is Romeo what is your name? You look so beautiful !
  • Hello! My name is Juliet. You look handsome too.
  • Romeo see Rosaline is beauiful so he was falling love. He think he want to find her during the party tomorrow. Then he talk to Rosaline.
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • How do you know I'm wearing the blue shirt ? You are so smart !
  • At the Capulet party, Romeo Invite Rosaline to dance but she don't want to have boyfriend so she reject him. Romeo feel sad and then walk away. He try to find other beautiful girl.
  • Two Adult Bullying Juliet
  • Hey Juliet !! You must marry paris, he is a rich and a smart guy!
  • Then Romeo met Juliet on the Party. He saw she was dancing on the universe was very beautiful, so he falling love at first sight. And then he forget Rosaline.
  • Juliet so angry
  • Ha Ha!bye bye. Do not blame me! Who told you to let me marry that ugly man ? Huh?
  • Romeo chatting with Juliet happily, and then they both know each other's identities. Juliet falling love too. She think he is the best man on the world.
  • I don't just know that you wear blue clothes,I also know that I wear red clothes.
  • All the adult called Juliet to marry Paris, but she already love Romeo. She was very angry about that because her mother didn't support her. Juliet was very angry
  • Hey! you two. Do not worry I won't marry him unless he is a girl.
  • She's fed up and then she kick her mother and the nurse into the volcano. And then they jump up to curse the Juliet. But Juliet was very angry so she walk away.
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