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Updated: 6/5/2020
GWS storyboard

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  • Introduction: The story begins with the kids from the adventure club, Matt, Tony, Hooter, Q, and Katie. They're in Tony's backyard having a camp out when Matt decides that they should go on a hike in the woods.
  • Falling Action: Matt had found Tony and Hooter but just them. They told him that Katie and Q were captured by the Hessians. Matt knew they had to get them back and so, they got help by a couple of indians that were with Hooter and Tony.
  • Problem: They find themselves riding on a boat that had taken them to the 18th century. George Washington decided to take them in for shelter. He had forgotten his cape and Matt decided to give it back.
  • Resolution: They were able to get Katie and Q back from the Hessians and were found once again, by George Washington. Matt tries to think of a plan to get the old rowboat back so they can go home. Meanwhile, Katie is not telling Matt that the rowboat is actually in the bushes beside her.
  • climax: Matt gets separated from the club members and is forced to walk to Trenton in the cold. Luckily, he isn't alone. He met Israel, a boy a little older than him. Unfortunately, Israel passes away from the cold and Matt stays there with him.
  • Conclusion: Matt and the others were able to activate the rowboat's magic to travel back to their own timeline. They all made it back home safely and Matt is now grateful for all the modern stuff he has.
  • They took Katie and Q
  • ...