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Math comic strip
Updated: 9/20/2019
Math comic strip
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  • First, you would multiply 7(5a-4) and get 35a-28-1=14-8a.
  • So class, how would you solve 7(5a-4)-1=14-8a ?
  • Then you would add 8 to both sides of the equation (to isolate the variable) which would give you 43a-29=14
  • Next you would add 29 to both sides of the equation which would give you 43a=43.
  • To check your answer, you have to plug the answer (1) into the original equation and solve: 7(5(1)-4)-1=14-8(1). The new equation would be 7(5a-4)-1=14-8a. Now you have to change the equation 35a-28-1=14-8. Lastly solve on both sides to get 6+6.
  • Great job class!
  • Lastly, you divide 43a/43=43/43 and get 1 as your answer.
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