Kensuke's Kingdom Project
Updated: 4/9/2021
Kensuke's Kingdom Project

Storyboard Text

  • Michael was warned by kensuke not to go swimming in the ocean but he didn't listen to him and went in for a swim to prove him wrong. He swam until he was deep inside but suddenly he felt an electric shock on him and was racked with pain.
  • OUCH
  • When Michael woke up he was covered with a blanket and was getting treatment from kensuke. He was as tired as a worn out shoe. The pain was as a blade was cutting into his body. He would scream from the pain but kensuke would sing to him softly to calm him down.
  • 🎵And if one green bottle should accidentally fallTen green bottles hanging on the wall🎵
  • After kensuke had saved Michael’s life twice, Michael decided to bury the hatchet and give kensuke a second chance. Soon enough they became best friends and Kensuke made him his own kimono.There were no boundaries anymore.
  • Their friendship got stronger with silence and that shows how silence speaks louder than words. Later on, Michael decided to teach kensuke english, it was hard at the beginning but by practice it was a piece of cake.
  • 1st Day
  • Mica ?
  •  Say Michael
  • 2nd Month
  • Hello My name is kensuke
  • Great Job !!
  • Eventually after Kensuke learned english, he started to narrate how he came to the island, how his country had been destroyed by bombs and how all his family turned into ashes except him because he saved himself by running away to this island.
  • Everyone dead in nagasaki, no one left. I only one left. i ran to this island so i dont die!
  • I am so sorry for you
  • Kensuke taught Michael lots of things too such as painting and fishing. He taught him how to collectoctopus ink to make paint and how to collect the biggest, most perfect shells to paint on. He also told him how to fish in the shallow parts of the ocean using a spear and how to go into the deep using a boat when there are no fish in the shallows.