Crucible storyboard
Updated: 2/12/2020
Crucible storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Throughout all of act three, Hale sticks to the side of logic
  • Every time he tries to suggest something, someone cuts him off and dismisses what he said
  • Excellency, he claims hard evidence for his wife's defense. I think that in all justice you must-
  • He tries to get points across to multiple different characters but none of them seem to want to listen to him
  • Throughout the act, Hale continues to try to make suggestions that seem logical to him
  • Just because someone is trying to defend someone in court, doesn't automatically mean that they're against the court
  • Excellency, I have signed seventy-two death warrants; I am a minister of the Lord, and I dare not take a life without there be a proof so immaculate no slightest qualm of conscience may doubt it.
  • Hale doesn't want to sign any more death warrants without evidence that is so concrete and definite that no logical person would doubt it. Which logically makes sene because any person with a conscience would hopefully regret causing someones death if they later on found out that there was no reason for said death.