Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • You say I take and don't give.
  • Troy your hurting me!
  • I done give you everything I got. Don't you tell that lie on me.
  • Troy . . . you're hurting my arm! Let go!
  • Troy!
  • Don't you tell that lie on me!
  • I just thought I'd stop by to see you.
  • What you stop by and see me for? You ain't stopped by in a month of Sundays. Hell, I must owe you money or something.
  • Since you got your promotion I can't keep up with you. Used to see you everyday. Now I don't even know what route you working.
  • They keep switching me around. Got me out in Greentree now . . . hauling white folks' garbage.