The Legend of Mayon Volcano

Updated: 9/26/2021
The Legend of Mayon Volcano

Storyboard Text

  • Long time ago, there's a kingdom in Albay who has a strongest king Rajah. He has a beautiful daughter named Prnicess Daragang Magayon.
  • Hi Beautiful. I am from a far kingdom who go here just to see you.
  • I am Prince Handiong from a kingdom near in your kingdom..
  • One Day ! There's someone approach her.
  • Who are you?I didn;t know you. !!!
  • I LOVE YOU . Lets Get Married.
  • As time goes by Daragang Magayon still seeing Gat Malaya and because of that she fall for his love and kindness.
  • Yes My Love. We should tell to our parents first
  • Daragang Magayon And Handiong came from a rival tribes. Their love affair was prohibited by their families so the both decided to run away.This caused them too much pain that it came to the point that the two of them commited suicide.
  • Their Families Burried two separately. After several months. People from the Tribe Daragang Magayon Noticed amountain growing at her grave.This wa called Bukang Magayon and Later Bulkang Mayon.