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Sedentary Larry
Updated: 3/10/2020
Sedentary Larry
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  • Hector the Specter lived in a dense city.
  • He spent his days in the afterlife floating around and trying to scare people, which is what your average ghost does.
  • Oh no. A ghost. I'm sooooo scared.
  • However, despite his travail and all the effort he puts into his work, his fellow monsters shunted him.
  • I know, right? Such a benighted being. He couldn't scare a fly!
  • In the graveyard that night, Dracula and Frankenstein struck up a conversation about Hector.
  • That ghost, in my opinion, is such an amateur. He doesn't even put any effort into his scares. They're all so bland.
  • Word about Hector's benighted, unprofessional nature eventually got to him. Seething with rage, Hector came up with a plan to slake his thirst for validation. He went to a witch to get some legs because he thought that would make his scares better for some reason.
  • Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! I'll show ALL of them how good at scaring I am!
  • Alright, I'll do it! Free of charge, too!
  • However, after the witch had performed her transformation spell on Hector, he had realized the error of his ways. He had let his mind become a place of bedlam, letting himself go crazy. Those claims that he needed to change himself to fit in with others were spurious. Only he could decide what he wanted to do with himself! So, Hector committed himself to a peaceful, serene, and sedentary lifestyle, sitting on a park bench.
  • Hector
  • THE END!
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