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Updated: 1/17/2020
jonah milchuck
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  • In the beginning we meet Winston, Winston is not like most people in this society. Winston has thoughts and emotions where as everyone else in the society has been brain washed to not have any thoughts what so ever.
  • This older man symbolizes the government is Wilsons society of Oceana. The government is often called big brother as a way to comfort its citizens. Big brother is always watching, there are cameras all around oceana so the government can keep its eye on everything.
  • Winston is given a journal. Writing in a journal is very illegal and could lead to death or 25 years of labor camp. For a man like winston a journal is necessary because it gives him relief about his ideas because he has nobody to share them with.
  • Winston is going about a normal day when he runs into a girl named Julia. Julia is like winston is a sense where she has thoughts and feelings. Julia notices that Winston is not like all the other people in the society. Julia gives Wilson a note. The note reads "I love you" This at first scares wilson and he doesnt know what to think of it. Later he realizes that he may actually like her as well because of how different she is.
  • Wilson and Julia meet up multiple times but cant see each other for long because of cameras and thought police. In their meetings Julia gives Wilson a place to meet where there are no cameras or police. When Wilson arrives Julia quickly tells them what they are going to do. They are going to have sex. At first Wilson is hesitant to but then realizes that a lot of party members have done this. He sees this as an oppurtunity to corrupt the party, he even goes as far as thinking if he can give her syphilis the whole party will get it.
  • Wilson's "friend" Mr. Carrington rented him an apartment for him and Julia. What Wilson and Julia didn't know is that Mr carrington was actually a main reason for their eventual arrest. Carrington is apart of the thought police.
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