Rome World History 9 Project
Updated: 2/12/2020
Rome World History 9 Project
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  • Hi guys! Welcome to Rome! Here's how it works here. We are the two rulers (who were chosen by the senate.
  • Roman Republic
  • He's right! But us and the senate aren't the only ones in charge... every citizen is expected to play an active role in the government. If you aren't sure if that applies to you, a citizen is any male over 15 years of age.
  • Roman Empire
  • I am Augustus Caesar, and I am the very first emperor of Rome! At our height, we will be the most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. Our last emperor will be Romulus Augustulus, and will be deposed by the Germanic King Odoacer. Our technological, military, educational, fine arts, and social advances will shape western future western culture.
  • Daily Roman Life
  • Roman life is great! I'm super rich so I get to live in a mansion on the hill, far away from the toxic smell of the city. I've got servants galore and lavish furniture and clothing. I always host dinner parties with equally as rich guests there trying my exotic food and wines.
  • Easy for you to say! Life as a poor man sucks! We live in shabby houses that could crash down or light up at any minute. Our job options are slaves or gladiators. Its even worse for women, who have next to no say in their lives.
  • Christianity is WelcomedThe first Council of Nicea 325 BCE
  • Good citizens, I, Constantine, have won the battle of the Milvian Bridge. However I couldn't have done it with Jesus on my side. So I proclaim the Christians to be a part of our culture now. So anyone who has some good stories about him e-mail them to be cause we're making a book to honor him. We don't wanna write a whole thing so we're just gonna steal the first half of the torah and go from there.
  • The Downfall of RomeSeptember 4th, 476 BCE
  • Oh no! The Goths are invading! This is all because of Christianity!
  • That's one opinion. But it also could have been political instability from our size, self interest in the two parts of Rome, invasion of Bavarian tribes, government corruption, push-back of slaves, or massive unemployment and inflation. For all we know those ships are just peacefully passing by,
  • Rome's ImpactPresent Day.
  • Don't be silly! The Romans have impacted our western culture in many ways! These include uniting states into one secure government, and many forms of art as we know them today, including music, theater, and sculpting are completely based off their roman roots. They also started the generalization of public education.
  • Why do we have to study boring Rome anyway? What did the Roman's ever do for me?
  • ROME
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