North korea
Updated: 3/16/2021
North korea

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  • What economy are we in?
  • We live in a command economy so everything related to our economy is controlled by our government
  • Why does it seem likes there much older women then men here?
  • Well that's because the life Expectancy for women is 10 years greater
  • Why is there so much farmland?
  • That's because agriculture in north Korea makes up of 40% of the labor
  • How are all your students so smart?
  • North Korea has the highest literacy rate in the whole world that's why most of my students are very smart.
  • How is the poverty here in north Korea?
  • Poverty is a very big issue here as almost 70% of people live below the poverty line
  • What are the most commonly harvested products
  • The most common products include, Rice, Potatoes, corns , and eggs.