Engels opdracht
Updated: 1/17/2021
Engels opdracht

Storyboard Text

  • Going to marry
  • Hello, we are Carla and Joep and we're going to get married.
  • Kissing
  • Cheers!
  • U can now kiss your man! Because u are man and wife!
  • Hooraaah
  • The fall of Carla!
  • Oh no, get her up. We need to treat her!
  • Call 911!
  • Oh no, Carla tript over her shoes!
  • Yeah maybe she feels miserable.
  • Oke, say when u need help darlin.
  • Carla and Joep are going to be married and they are very excited!
  • Nurse checking in
  • Dont worry guys, im here to help her!
  • They are happy and there grandparents are there and the brother of Joep and the kids from his brother!
  • Laterrrrr
  • Later that day in the hospital!
  • Oh no! Carla tript while she kissed Joep, what do they do now?
  • Hospital
  • She has a fracture in her little toe and she got a big bruise on her anckle
  • What happened to her? Is she gonna be alright?
  • Thanks nurse!
  • The nurse came, thank god for that! Hopefull Carla will be alright
  • Laterrrr that day.
  • Carla is feeling better now and they are not worried anymore because she is in good hands! THE END