Updated: 1/7/2019

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  • Tom
  • Billy
  • Jon
  • Hey back off we just got this money!! Please leave us alone,
  • Hey, give us your money now!!!
  • Just take the money!! Leave us alone
  • Now we got the burner out!! Now give it up!!!
  • Jon, Tommy, and Billy are three friends who live in New York. It's two days after Christmas and all of them had received Christmas money. So, they come up with the bright idea of going to the mall.
  • uhhh!! fine let's do it!!
  • Hey you guys, what we did wasn't right and I believe that we should return the money.
  • I think that we should too, I feel very bad about what we've just done.
  • Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can hang out with us any time!!
  • The three friends decide they will walk to the mall. As soon as they get to the mall they see bullies who want to take their money. They all are in a tough position and don't know what to do.
  • Hey, we want to give you guys your money back.
  • Do you guys want to hang out/?
  • Yeah, what we did was childish and very rude.
  • Now the three friends decide to fight the bullies. Suddenly the bullies pull out a gun, and now the friends just give up their money. They didn't want to risk their life.
  • While they're outside one of the bullies feels guilty about what they've just done. He tells the other two how he feels, and as a group they all decide to go back inside of the mall and return the money.
  • After returning the money, the bullies asked to hang out with the three friends. The three friends think about i then finally came to an agreement that the bullies could hang out with them. After this everyone got along and became friends.