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Updated: 11/9/2020
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  • The Angry Coyote
  • I don't like the amount of noise they are making! Time for them to feel my wrath!
  • The Hero Arrives
  • Fear not! I will slay anything that may be killing your chickens.
  • What has happened to all my chickens?
  • Fighting the Beast
  • I would like to see you try weakling.
  • Defeating you will bring me great honor throughout this land!
  • In "The Wrath of Grendel," Grendel is shown to kill for fun as shown by the line, "coming alone, bloodthirsty and horrible." In this scene, the coyote wants to kill the chickens just because they are annoying him.
  • In "The Coming of Beowulf," Beowulf is shown to come to land as a hero that will bring peace to the Danes, and honor to himself. This is shown by the line, "They have seen my strength for themselves." Beowulf is bragging about his reputation just like this man here has total confidence in himself to kill the coyote.
  • In "The Battle With Grendel," Beowulf assures Hrothgar that he can take on Grendel. This is shown by the line, "That I, alone with the help of my men, may purge all evil." Beowulf then goes out to kill Grendel, just like the man set out to kill the coyote for the farmer.
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