Updated: 3/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • "If you want to be treated like a mother, you should act like one" (Walls 219).
  • "How dare you? You're in trouble now-big trouble" (Walls 219).
  • Jeanette gets a job working at the local Jewelry store where she makes $40 a week.
  • Jeanette steals a pocket watch from the jewelry store but later returns it to the store because she was afraid of getting caught by Mr. Becker.
  • Jeanette and her mother get into an argument because Rose Mary wants to quit her job and focus on herself.
  • Jeanette's father comes home and gives her a beating for the way she talked to her mother.
  • Jeanette's mother stands at the door, listening to the conversation between her and her father.
  • Jeanette ends up making two decisions: 1. That was her last whipping and 2. Her and Louri were getting away from Welch.