The Highway Man
Updated: 1/14/2021
The Highway Man

Storyboard Text

  • The Highway Man (whose heart was beating as quickly as butterfly wings) galloped up to the Inn to visit the landlords daughter, Bess.
  • Sneakily, Tim the ostler - with envy in his eyes - saw the lovesick Bess and the Highway Man , who stated he would be back in tomorrow's moonlight.
  • He did not come at dawning, noon nor dusk. Then, with no warning, King George's men stampeded up to the rotting old Inn door.
  • They tied Bess, with smirks on their faces, to the foot of her narrow, uncomfortable and pretty bed and also put a shiny musket beneath her breast. She, with tears in her eyes, saw the highwayman.
  • Then, welcoming death as an old friend, she warned the Highway man with her death. Not till dawn did he hear that, his one love, was dead. He rode to the Inn, cursing to the sky, and was shot, as dead as a dog on the highway.
  • And still, on a winter's night, they say the Highway man comes riding up to the old Inn door. But who'd be standing there but Bess the landlord's daughter, plaiting a red love knot into her long, black hair.