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Updated: 9/23/2019
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  • Where shall we three meet again?
  • In Act 1 Scene 1 the witches meet on a heath and decide when they shall meet again.
  • When the battle is lost and won.
  • In thunderlightning or in rain.
  • Macbeth has succeeded and has one the battle and beat the Thane of Cawdor .
  • What bloody man is this?
  • You shall be king.
  • Macbeth and Banquo met the witches on the heath and the witches were telling Macbeth what he wanted to hear.
  • I want power.
  • Macbeth sent the messenger to his wife, Lady Macbeth. With a letter he wrote on what he had just witnessed.
  • "They met me on a day of success."
  • To Lady MacbethXXX
  • "They have more than mortall knowledge."
  • "Hail the king that shall be."
  • Lady Macbeths wife wants Macbeth to kill the king so then he can become king and that she can have power and be rich.
  • To my beautiful wife,I have met three witches on a heath who stated "You shall be king"and are telling a lot of other things see you soonyours sincerelyMacbeth.
  • I want power Macbeth needs to kill the king.
  • Macbeth has received a letter from his wife, Lady Macbethand he doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to kill the king because he is full of to much kindness.
  • I want power and to be king but I want to kill him.
  • To my wonderful husband,I got your letter its amazingyou need to kill the king and then you will becomeking you need to get it done now and fastyour sincerelyLady Macbeth.
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