A Girl and a Superhero
Updated: 8/13/2020
A Girl and a Superhero

Storyboard Description

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ocean who was walking through the park on a regular day. Suddenly, she came across another girl named Allegra whose puppy was trapped in a sewer. "Oh, excuse me," Allegra cried, getting Ocean's attention, "my puppy is trapped in this sewer and I tried to get her out but I can't!!!!" Having no choice, Ocean pulled off the top of the sewer that was bolted to the ground with her bare hands and saved Allegra's puppy, Lilibet. "Thank you soooo much. I seriously owe you one," Allegra cried. "You're very welcome and you don't owe me a thing," Ocean responded. "However, if I may ask, how did you get the top off of the sewer that was bolted to the ground with your bare hands," Allegra asked Ocean. Then, with hesitation, "Well," Ocean started, "don't tell anyone, but I have super strength...." TO BE CONTINUED....
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