Henry David Thoreau - Economy
Updated: 11/13/2020
Henry David Thoreau - Economy

Storyboard Text

  • JN(To the right): No way! Is that obviously completely non-fictitious Henry David Thoreau in the 21st century?HDT(To the left): To whom am I speaking?JN: A random student that is reading Walden while on every single drug in existence. Your book has taught me a lot.
  • JN: You have taught me that simplicity is not something bad but rather something needed in order to be able to focus on yourself rather than material possesions
  • JN: You have also taught me that sometimes work shackles people and that sometimes the bare minimum is what you need in order to improve yourself.
  • HDT: Yes you are very right random but extremely high teenager, you have my respects. But let me add a bit more to that.JN: Go ahead!
  • HDT: Although nature gives you most basic necessities, you should work for your basic necessities no matter what and you shouldn't become lazy. This lesson can all be simplified to: don't work for material wealth, work the enough to live, work the hardest on yourself richen the soul
  • HDT: Also, get off the drugsJN: Will doHDT: Now, how did I get here?JN: You are just a hallucination, you will be gone any minute