My Neuro Development Strengths, Weaknesses, and Affinities
Updated: 11/8/2020
My Neuro Development Strengths, Weaknesses, and Affinities

Storyboard Description

Assignment for ELPS 541A. First box talks about me always being extremely nervous in front of crowds to the point that I would shake and stutter. Second Box is me seeing that I have to take a speech class. Third is me thinking about my strengths to help me with my area of need. Fourth is me meeting and socializing with my classmates to get comfortable with them. Fifth is my love of research and really getting into a topic that I can just talk about it forever. Sixth is me happily giving my speech in class. Seventh is me teaching class as a teacher.

Storyboard Text

  • Jeeze, Look at all these people, I'm so nervous! Makes me stutter and shake!
  • Uh-oh, I'm going to have to present in front of crowds! How am I going to do this! I need to come up with something if I ever want to be a teacher one day!
  • Welcome to Speech 101
  • Let's see. I'm never nervous once I get to know someone. I know how to talk to them and entertain them which makes me confident. Once I get into a topic and really research it, I get very passionate and love talking about it. So why don't I just apply that here?
  • I took the time to get to know all of my classmates at a personal level to feel less nervous to present to them.
  • Hi! I'm Jordan, nice to meet you! Want to hangout?
  • Sure!
  • I also leaned on my strength of getting so interested in a topic, that I looked forward to talking about it, especially when sharing that information with people I know so I made sure to get really interested in my topics through research!
  • Research on Speech Topic
  • Leaning on my strengths in socializing with others to make connections as well as my love of researching topics, made me give an amazing speech that I was excited to give. Now whenever I work with kids in the education field, I use these strengths to teach and build rapport with my students vital to making an engaging lesson!
  • Speech Topic on Immigration.
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