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Animal Farm Comic Strip
Updated: 6/1/2020
Animal Farm Comic Strip
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  • Manor Farm
  • Man is the source ofr out problems!
  • Manor Farm was bursting with life as the animals stayed to listen to Old Major. He was the most respected animal on the farm because of his age. Because of that, what he said was highly valued and talented to heart.
  • The Seven Commandments are...
  • Old Major talks about how Man is the problem for all animals. He says that if Man was no more, there will be a land of freedom. The pig also made a song called Beasts of England which would later be the national anthem 
  • Fours legs good, two legs bad!
  • Next day, The animals revolted aginst the humans which inhabitted Manor Farm. The animals attacked until Jones and his men decided to run away, not wanting to get hurt.
  • If the pigs fail... Jones will come back!!!
  • After the animals took control of the Manor Farm, renaming it Animal farm, they decided to create a set of rules - the Seven Commandments. These rules were so that animals wouldnèt forget who their true enemy is and live with other animals.
  • The rules were shortened to this one phrase - "Four legs good, two legs bad!" This was because some of the animals weren't as smart as the pigs. The other animals did take this to heart though and remembered the phrase.
  • Milk from the cows has suddenly disappeared even though It was supposed to be shared with everyone. It is found out that the pigs were the ones who stole it while also eating the freshly ripen apples. Squaler convinced the other animals to let them eat since he said that if the pigs didn't get to eat, Jones will come back.
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