Updated: 9/23/2018
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  • Jordan is in a gym playing against his archrival team the mt. pleasanttigers that live deep in the country. Jordan knows it will be a hard game.Jordan’s coach, coach Wayne says just to be prepared and treat it like anothergame and he will be fine. Shawn, Jordan’s befriend/teammate is ready to go out and win
  • Jamal pushes down Shawn and shawn has to come out the game because he is hurt.
  • Jordan is playing terrible, the other team is pushing him around, and he can't play good
  • you should never be scared of anyone no matter where you are or whatyou have to do if you think you can do it you can right now your acting likeyour scared. Get your dang team together and go get this dub and show them whois thee best in the leauge.
  • : Jordan is on fire. He comes out in the 4th on fire he hits alll his shot and brings his team all the way back to be down by one. He istalking all the junk to Jamal and he is missing everything there ae ten secondsleft in the game and jordans team is down he has the ball he puts up the shot….AND HE MAKES IT THEY WIN THEY WIN.
  • Coach is talking to the team saying how proud he is that they came back after facing a lot of adversity. Jordan says he is sorry for letting the team down but they sya that he led them to there win and they are happy that he is there teammates and friends they break it down and leave.
  • Jordan is talking to the press and they ask him how they won in this hostile enviorment playing against Jamal, Jordan says that he just had tofigure out who was the best player in this county and see that if he belived inhimelf he could do anything.
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