Biology thing
Updated: 4/7/2021
Biology thing

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  • I'm right here bro
  • Ay, bro where'd you go?
  • Bro you blend in so well here how do you do it. Plus it's hot in here bro
  • It's just the color of my fur. Also Lets see if we can find you a place to blend in and be cooler
  • You right about it not being that hot, but It's still pretty warm. Plus I don't see any other bears out here. And that mountain lion is looking at me weird
  • What about here, It's not as hot as the cave
  • What about here with my grandpa
  • My grandmother had black fur and my dad and mom have black therefore the black haired gene helps me blend into the cave better. Thats why I'm a cave bear.
  • What? thats your Gramps. I whould have never geussed. How come you look so different
  • Why is my sperm count so low and terrible.
  • Yeah, theres no bears out here that are fertale. And it is way to hot for my taste
  • I'm taking it this place is a no
  • Aah, much better
  • Bro I'm freezing, I'm just going to go back to the cave