Example of sexism for Golead
Updated: 6/2/2020
Example of sexism for Golead

Storyboard Text

  • One day, a group of teenagers went to the park to play some basketball
  • Since Lily went to get water, why don't we go back to the court and play a game while we wait for them?
  • Okay, great idea.
  • I bet I'll beat you because you know, I'm a guy and we're much stronger than you girls
  • When Lily came back, she saw that the other girl, Ella was crying. She asked what was wrong. Ella said that Max said that he's better at basketball than her because he is a guy.
  • Lily then confronted Max to stand up for her friend
  • What you said wasn't nice and it really hurt Ella's feelings.
  • Later that night, when Ella got home, she was still upset, but she talked to her parents and felt much better. She also felt much better knowing that Lily stood up for her and helped her in an uncomfortable situation.