Man in the Well - Exposition

Updated: 9/9/2021
Man in the Well - Exposition

Storyboard Text

  • “I was nine when I discovered the man in the well in an abandoned farm-lot near my home.” The Protagonist was playing hide-and-seek with his friends when he and his friends heard the man in the well.
  • While the man in the well was yelling for help, all of the kids silently made a decision together. For a reason they don't even understand, they decided to not help the man. They wouldn't tell him their names, and they wouldn't let him see their faces, they decided. Their curiosity has brought out their lack of empathy.
  • Exposition is the beginning of the story where characters, mood, setting, and time are set up and introduced to the reader. The Man in the Well’s exposition is atypical as it doesn’t mention names of the characters, though everything else is fairly normal.