Updated: 2/7/2020
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  • The argument of a new nation (Shayś Rebellion)
  • Debating on what the people want
  • Strong central or state gov.
  • Hi, we are Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. We are founding fathers of America ,but sadly our government is not strong and our people are protesting.
  • Persuading America (Federalist papers)
  • After this huge movement we have came back with others of the continental congress to discuss new Articles of Confederation...but others want individual rights! Lets start with a clean slate and keep it hidden
  • Signing of The Constitution
  • As we discuss our ways to show representation and power in the states including slaves, we have big decisions to make but we come up with the Great and 3/5 Compromise to even out power and taxes.
  • The Constitutions effects today
  • (Hamilton speaking) Now that we have most people to agree with our new document of government, ¨The Constitution¨ I will write some documents to spread the good for all far and wide to know and love.
  • Today is September, 17th 1787, and after everyone is on board because we have a bill of rights to ensure small freedom and power, our founding fathers and country leaders sign the game changing paper
  • Now over 200 years later we still use the Constitution to guide us, Citizens and government office holders, to the right direction to make our union better, and we hope to keep it this way for years to come!
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