Neolithic Nel and Nick
Updated: 1/31/2020
Neolithic Nel and Nick
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  • Crafting Weapons
  • Hey Nick, look at what I crafted!
  • Awesome Nel, we could use that for hunting other animals for food!
  • Pottery/Bartering
  • Wow, cool invention Nick!
  • Well, this was a great idea making some vases for food and water!
  • Hunting/Planting Crops
  • Zzzz...
  • AAAHHH! A lot of our food supply has gone scarce!
  • Well than... I guess we'll start planting now!
  • "Living in Communities made it possible for people to organize themselves more efficiently . They could divide up the work of producing food and other things they needed . While some people grew crops, others built houses and made tools. For example, toolmakers could share of making stone axes and knife blades." This was different because, Settlers shared the work between others and they made their own tools.
  • "Usually , people trade to get resources they do not have in their own area . As Neolithic people became more skilled in their crafts, they wanted materials that would improve the strength and beauty of the things they made. Getting those resources became the job of traders." This is different because, Paleolithic people didn't care about beauty and the Neolithic settlers designed everything and decorated their decor and actually cared about beauty.
  • "The New Stone Age, or Neolithic Age , began when people started to farm and produce their own food. The discovery of farming did not happen all at once. Over a thousands of years, people gradually learn to raise animals and plant crops. They eventually began to rely on these farms for their food." This was different because, "They did not have a stable, or dependable food supply. Wild plants and animals grew scarce when people stayed in one area for too long."
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