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Japanese story board
Updated: 9/26/2018
Japanese story board
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Storyboard Text

  • At the temple
  • Hello I am the Emperor of Japan and if you didn't know I rule over Japan but I don't have real politic powers and during the shogunate period my family and I are at the top of the class structure
  • Giving daimyo land for his good support
  • Hello Daimyo I brought you here to tell you that this land is yours to keep because of your great support to everyone and for leading the samurai and also for your great control over different parts of Japan
  • Thank you Emperor for the land I will keep up my great support and keep leading the samurai
  • Hello Samurai I here from the Daimyo you guys have been fighting for them
  • At the samurai temple
  • Delicious Tea!
  • Hello Emperor that is right us samurai fight for the Daimyo and we also get paid by the Daimyo and we also support the Daimyo
  • In this part of the story in the background you have the temple where the Emperor lives with his family and you also have his family because him and his family are at the top of the class structure
  • At the Artisans home
  • Hello Artisan what Have you been making?
  • I have been making items that people need like paper, fine swords I am going to give them top the merchants to sell
  • Hello scum (merchant) what are u selling today?
  • In this part, in the background you have to bags of money the reason it is there is because the Daimyo is very wealthy
  • At the Merchants sale area
  • Hello Emperor I am selling paper and swords and I am also going to transport solid golds around Japan
  • In this part if you look in the background you can see two samurai with two tea cups the reason they have tea cups is because tea ceremonies are important to the Japanese culture
  • At the peasants farm
  • Peasent what are you doing?
  • Hello Emperor I'm here just making the rice for the whole of Japan and I'm still living my hard life
  • In the background you can see the items that the Artisan has made a sword and paper. You can also see a money bag the reason for that is because the Artisans were quite wealthy.
  • In the background you can see the stuff the merchant will sell and you can also see a money bag thats because the merchants can get quite wealthy
  • In the background you have rice and wheat because that's what the farmers (peasants) grew there is also a women next to him which Is his wife because peasants could marry who ever they want.
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