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Plastic Cartoon
Updated: 3/11/2020
Plastic Cartoon
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  • Watch me make this no looker shot into the bin
  • Ahaha, okay then. Show me that impressive throw.
  • I think the wind messed up the direction of the throw, plus I did it with my eyes closed.Nah, don't worry that's just what adults say to make you feel guilty. Anyways, we can't let people see us picking up filth. Even if the slight chance it happens, it's not going to effect us.
  • Oh no!, I got to make a quick excuse before she thinks bad of me because I couldn't even make such an easy shot.
  • You missed!I just realised that's the recycling bin and, it didn't even go in! What if the wind carries it into the ocean and it ends up in marine life.
  • Max walking down in the park with his girlfriend, Chistina. Doing his best to impress her, he tries to throw the plastic bag within his grasp into the bin closest to them but little does he know that he was aiming for the wrong bin.
  • Max blinded, just to impress Christina, has just made one of the worst decisions in his life.
  • Waiter, why is there a piece of plastic in this fish, can you get me a different piece of fish.EWWWWWWW! Dead fish, I must have a refund
  • The wind carries the plastic bag...a month after travelling, the plastic ends up in the sea, to soon be eaten by marine life.
  • Sorry Sir, but all we could find in the local beach was dead fish with plastic. That won't be possible as the restaurant now says, "it's the locals fault so all must bare with the problems they created."
  • It might just be two fish but look what happends to them after finding this plastic bag.
  • After one fish ate the piece of plastic, when the other fish ate the one which consumed the plastic is also dead as the plastic did not decompose. These two small fish can disrupt the whole marine food chain as predators and prey won't be around.
  • Max's words came back. Not disposing of that plastic properly or reusing it, even buying it in the first place came back and sought its revenge. Maybe this will teach Max for next time. Remember 'WHEN IT CAN BE AVOIDED, STOP USING PLASTIC.'
  • I wonder which bloke said throwing that plastic bag won;t affect anyone.
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